Core Curriculum Committee

Name Affiliation
Michael Hildreth Chair, Core Curriculum Committee
John Stamper Dean’s Representative (School of Architecture)
Essaka Joshua Dean’s Representative (College of Arts and Letters)
Yih-Fang Huang Dean’s Representative (College of Engineering)
Dale Nees Dean’s Representative (Mendoza College of Business)
Margaret Dobrowolska-Furdyna Dean’s Representative (College of Science)
Denise Della Rossa Chair, Advanced Language and Culture Subcommittee
Kathleen Cummings  Chair, Catholicism and the Disciplines (CAD) Subcommittee
Tobias Boes Chair, Fine Arts and Literature Subcommittee
Jason Ruiz Chair, History Subcommittee
Bill Goodwine Chair, Integration Subcommittee
Jeff Speaks Chair, Philosophy Subcommittee
Jeff Diller Chair, Quantitative Reasoning Subcommittee
Bob Stevenson Chair, Science and Technology Subcommittee
Emilia Justyna Powell Chair, Social Science Subcommittee
Tim Matovina Chair, Theology Subcommittee
John Duffy Chair, Writing Subcommittee
Ted Beatty Provost’s Appointee
Kasey Buckles Provost’s Appointee
Holly Martin Provost’s Appointee
John Henry Hobgood Director of Academic Affairs, Student Government
Hugh Page Ex Officio (Associate Provost)
Chuck Hurley Ex Officio (Registrar)