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The core curriculum is overseen by a University-level committee of faculty supported by subcommittees of domain experts and stakeholders that will formulate and enact procedures for course approval. 

The Core Curriculum Committee (CCC) consists of the deans of the colleges or schools offering undergraduate degrees (or their delegates), the chairs of the 11 Core Curriculum Subcommittees (one for each of the Ways of Knowing), the Academic Commissioner of Student Government, and up to three faculty members appointed by the Provost to achieve appropriate representation. An additional faculty member appointed to a three-year term by the Provost serves as chair of the committee. Faculty membership of the committee shall be chosen from the tenured and tenure-track and special professional faculty. There are two non-voting members: an Associate Provost designated by the Provost, and the University Registrar (or a delegate).

The process of electing subcommittee chairs and filling the other appointments is underway. Once finalized, all committee and subcommittee members will be listed on this website. Policies outlining the roles and responsibilities of the committee and subcommittees are detailed here. 

Note: The University Seminar will have no independent Core Curriculum Subcommittee. Each one will fall under the subcommittee for the requirement that the particular seminar is intended to fulfill.