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You might look at the areas of study represented by the core curriculum and wonder:

Why these disciplines? Why has Notre Dame chosen them to be the common foundation for all undergraduates?

The answers to these questions are numerous and set out for each area of the core in the rationales accessible through the links to the left. Note that a description of the Moreau First Year Experience, which was a later addition to the core and has a distinctive instructional model, is also listed to the left but in its own section.

These 10 core curriculum rationales put forth the knowledge, skills, experiences, etc. that students should acquire through a course in that area of the core. As such, the rationales also serve as guides to faculty members seeking to have a course approved as meeting one of the requirements.

Faculty interested in more detailed information may wish to consult the Policies page as well as the general principles (152 kb) for the review and approval of courses put forth by the core curriculum subcommittees.