Core Curriculum Committee

Name Affiliation

Hugh Page

Chair, Core Curriculum Committee / Vice President and Associate Provost for Undergraduate Affairs and Dean, First Year of Studies

John Duffy

Chair, Writing and Rhetoric Subcommittee

James Collins

Chair, Fine Arts Subcommittee

Jon Coleman

Chair, History Subcommittee

Jeffrey Diller

Chair, Mathematics Subcommittee

Jeff Speaks

Chair, Philosophy Subcommittee

Timothy Matovina

Chair, Theology Subcommittee

Jesse Lander

Chair, Literature Subcommittee

Malgorzata Dobrowolska-Furdyna

Chair, Science Subcommittee

Mark Schurr

Chair, Social Science Subcommittee

John Hobgood

Student Government Representative

James O’Brien

Provost Appointee, Mendoza College of Business Representative

Yih-Fang Huang

Provost Appointee, College of Engineering Representative

Dominic Chaloner

Provost Appointee, College of Science Representative

John Stamper

Provost Appointee (At Large), School of Architecture