The Core Curriculum Committee (CCC) is the body concerned with the core requirements as a whole. Its membership consists of an associate provost designated by the provost, the chairs of the nine core curriculum subcommittees, the dean of the First Year of Studies, the academic commissioner of Student Government, and up to five faculty members appointed by the provost, including representatives from the Mendoza College of Business, the College of Engineering, and the College of Science. The associate provost serves as chair of the committee.

Each core curriculum subcommittee (CCS) seeks appropriate ways to enhance teaching and learning in the courses fulfilling the requirement under its purview while ensuring that these classes accord with the rationale for that requirement. As part of this responsibility, CCSs are charged with reviewing and approving proposals that a course be counted as fulfilling a University Requirement.

Rosters for the Core Curriculum Committee and the core curriculum subcommittees are accessible through the links to the left; more detailed information on the role of the CCC and the CCSs can be found on the Policies page.

*Note: There is no CCS for University Seminar because students fulfill that requirement through one of their required courses in Mathematics, Science, History, Fine Arts or Literature, Social Science, Theology, or Philosophy.