Areas of Study

Core Curriculum Requirements
Pre-Fall 2018
Number of Courses Required
Writing and Rhetoric 1
Mathematics* 2
Science* 2
History* 1
Social Science* 1
Theology* 2
Philosophy* 2
Fine Arts* or Literature* 1
Moreau First Year Experience 2 (2 credits total)

*A student fulfills the University Seminar requirement by taking a seminar in one of the marked disciplines.

Only courses marked as “Univ. Req.” in the online Schedule of Classes can be used to fulfill a University Requirement; the core curriculum subcommittees have put forth general principles (152 kb) for the review and approval of courses.

To search for specific courses that have been approved as fulfilling a University Requirement within a particular academic term:

  • Use either the “Browse Classes” or “Class Search” tool
  • Specify the Term (Semester) you’re interested in
  • Select one or more Subject areas
  • Choose the appropriate University Requirement under Attribute (will include the designation “Univ. Req.”)
  • Click Search