Approved Courses

Only courses marked as “Univ. Req.” in the online Schedule of Classes can be used to fulfill a University Requirement; the Core Curriculum Subcommittees have put forth general principles (152 kb PDF) for the review and approval of courses.

To search for specific courses that have been approved as fulfilling a University Requirement within a particular academic term, conduct a search of the online Schedule of Classes by selecting one or more Subject areas and specifying the appropriate “Univ. Req.” under Attribute.

Core Curriculum Requirements Number of Courses Required
Writing and Rhetoric 1
Mathematics* 2
Science* 2
History* 1
Social Science* 1
Theology* 2
Philosophy* 2
Fine Arts* or Literature* 1
Moreau First Year Experience 2 (2 credits total)

*A student fulfills the University Seminar requirement by taking a seminar in one of the marked disciplines.